Learning Arabic with our Anki deck

Learning Arabic is pretty difficult. Learning different letters, completely new vocabulary and grammar. Using Anki can really help in this quest. Without a spaced repitition app it’s nearly impossible.

To learn to read and pronounce Arabic I recommend using Fluent Forevers pronounciation trainer. At 12 dollars it’s affordable, beautifully illustrated and it really helped me to quickly learn to read the characters and words.

When you’ve got that down you can proceed with learning frequently used Arabic vocabulary deck for AnkI.

Download that deck for free with the form above.


High quality Arabic Anki decks for an affordable amount

If you’re serious about learning Arabic and you would like more then just free Anki deck above we have some affordable extra options for you. Ranging from learning verbs and adjectives to common expressions. Audio included.

Access to our online spaced repetition platform with Arabic flashcards. We add new words to this online learning tool every week. 

Common expressions

Nouns (Common Objects and Places):

  • Family members (e.g., mother, father, sister, brother)
  • Colors (e.g., red, blue, green)
  • Numbers (e.g., one, two, three)
  • Food items (e.g., bread, water, fruit)
  • Household items (e.g., table, chair, bed)
  • Animals (e.g., cat, dog, bird)
  • Body parts (e.g., head, hand, foot)
  • Places (e.g., home, school, restaurant)Adjectives (Descriptive Words): big, fast,


    Basic Phrases and Expressions deck

    Arabic verb Deck

    Arabic adjective deck for Anki

    Time and Dates deck