Arabic deck of basic phrases and questions for Anki


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Dive into the rich and captivating world of Arabic with our specially curated Anki deck, designed to fast-track your learning journey for just €5. Whether you’re planning a trip to an Arabic-speaking country, looking to connect with Arabic-speaking friends and family, or simply eager to add a new language to your repertoire, our deck is your perfect companion.

  • Over Essential Phrases and Questions: Carefully selected to cover everyday situations, our deck includes greetings, basic conversations, essential questions, and more, making sure you’re well-equipped to handle real-life interactions.
  • High-Quality Audio Files: Each phrase and question comes with a clear, high-quality audio recording, voiced by native Arabic speakers, to ensure you’re learning the correct pronunciation right from the start.


  1. Basic Phrases and Expressions:
    • Greetings (e.g., hello, goodbye, thank you)
    • Asking for directions (e.g., where is…)
    • Making requests (e.g., please, can I have…)
    • Introducing yourself (e.g., my name is…)
    • Expressing time (e.g., today, tomorrow, now)
  2. Common Questions and Interrogatives:
    • What, where, when, who, why, how
    • Asking about someone’s well-being (e.g., How are you?)
    • Asking for information (e.g., What is this?)
  • Audio Advantage: With native speaker audio included for every entry, you’ll not only learn to speak Arabic but also to understand it when spoken, a critical skill often overlooked in written-only resources.
  • Affordable Learning: For the price of a coffee, you get a comprehensive tool that will support your Arabic learning journey, making this investment in your language learning both efficient and cost-effective.